Thursday, June 24, 2010

Only one way

One Sunday, after church, another couple along with my wife and myself decided to go out to lunch together. We were wanting to spend time with them and get to know them better. We discussed how pretty the day was and things about work and such. Eventually the conversation turned to the sermon we heard and we discussed that too. You know how you get into a conversation and one thing leads to another and pretty soon you are discussing a host of things? I have to be honest, I am not a theologian. I am just a man who hungers for God. I read my Bible, pray a lot and try to be honorable to Him for what He has done for me. Anyway, these people are Christians and of that I have no doubt but the man said one thing that disturbed me greatly. He said: "In this world we have many religions. All will eventually get to heaven in their own way." My jaw dropped open after this statement because it flies in the face of scripture.

A little while later I was at work and was talking to someone who is a pastor's son. We always had good conversations about the things of God and would discuss all manner of topics. Then he surprised me too by telling me the same thing I heard at that lunch table a little while before. He said: "All religions will find their way to heaven because they all really worship the same god." I am not easily shocked but these statements shook my senses! Today I am going to draw a line in the sand and give you the scriptures so there will be no doubt about the matter. In fact, I am going to give you four of them.

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
(John 14:6)
My friends didn't know how to answer when I quoted this scripture. That was really all I did was to quote the scripture. You have to look at who was talking in this verse. If anyone should know what the truth is, it would be Jesus. I think this verse is self explanatory too. The statement gives you the option to accept or decline. That's it!! No mention of another religion or another god. Forgiveness is available for anyone who will receive it. There is no gray area in this verse...just black and white.

Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.
(Isaiah 55:1) 

Jesus will receive all who come to Him. There is no price for salvation...Jesus took care of the price. You can't earn it because it is already paid for. You will contribute nothing to your own salvation other than receiving it. It astounds me how many people, including Christians, believe you have to pay as you go. This is not a type of thing where if your "good" outweighs your "bad" you get in!! Be very careful of this because that theology is false doctrine. Salvation is a free gift to you because He wants you to have it. He knew you couldn't do it by yourself so He took care of it. It's called grace.

Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.
(Isaiah 55:7)

God does ask you to turn from your former ways but He helps you with that if you are willing to make the decision for Him. You won't miss the former ways. I have never met any Christian who doesn't wish they had made their decision for Christ sooner.

But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach; That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.  For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
(Romans 10:8-10)

This is how you accept what God is offering. It is as simple as believing, repenting and receiving Christ into your heart. To other people who may be into the other religions my friends were speaking of I say this: This is available for you too. The truth and salvation of Jesus Christ is so very inclusive. It is also exclusive. Only those who are willing to accept God on His terms will inherit eternal life. He paid the price and He gets to make the rules. If you had any idea of how He loves you and desires would not even hesitate.

Father, I thank you for the opportunity to share what you give to me. I do know there are some who would think this too basic but still it needs to be shared as long as there are people out there who have questions of your grace. I praise you for your grace!! I thank you for all you do for me daily. I ask for you to be with each and every one who reads this text and bless them according to their needs today. I pray a special blessing on the one who may be having questions of how to get to know you. Draw them by your Spirit I pray. I ask these things and give thanks in the name of Christ Jesus my Lord. Amen.

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  1. Have you ever heard of the book Radical by David Platt. In it he describes a story of when he was in India witnessing for Jesus in a Mosque. There were two high ranked Hindu follower. They told him both your God and our God is the same. David Platt smiled and began to tell them a story luring them in. He said ,"So what you're saying is that there is this Mountain and God is on top of it. And our life here on earth for every man is different paths to the top of the mountain to meet God?" The hindu men smile in agreement and say , "yes!" Then he stops them and says ,"that is not the picture of Christianity at all. In Christianity God comes down them mountain and meets the man and does the walking for him." Then he quotes ephesians 2:8-9 NICE POST!