Friday, May 29, 2009

Off topic--Lemonade "Attitude of Gratitude Award"

I was informed I have received the Lemonade "Having and Attitude of Gratitude" award. I would like to thank Kim over at "stuff could always be worse" for this award. She is a very kind lady and I am sure she would enjoy it if you would pay a visit to her wonderful blog. I know that you are supposed to nominate 10 other people to receive this award and tell how you came to have an attitude of gratitude. Telling you how is no problem.

Having gratitude for me is something that the Lord Jesus Christ has taught me. I have to claim Christ in this respect because there was no gratitude in my life before He came into it. I highly recommend getting to know Jesus in a personal relationship. It would be the best decision you could ever make.

Nominating other sites is a bit more challenging to me but I have these for right now.

at " Daisy Gray Design"

at "Christian Blog"

at "A Christian Guy's Random Thoughts"

at " LIVE and learn!"

at " Disjointed Thoughts"

Eva Marie
at "Thankfully Chewed Up and Spat Back Out"

at " -Life of Thomas-"

at " Simply Blessed"

at " Nona Nita's Grandparenting Blog"

at " God Nuggets Blog "

Thank you again Kim for your kindness.

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