Saturday, April 18, 2009


What goes through your mind when you see a homeless person on the street? How about a child that has a birth defect, or cancer? Or what do you think when you meet someone who has no hope? For me, my heart is filled with compassion. Seeing people that hurt tends to be unsettling to me. I am moved with compassion for them. This is a normal response from one human to another. As it should be.

In the book of Mark we have these verses: And there came a leper to him, beseeching him, and kneeling down to him, and saying unto him, If thou wilt, thou canst make me clean. And Jesus, moved with compassion, put forth his hand, and touched him, and saith unto him, I will; be thou clean. And as soon as he had spoken, immediately the leprosy departed from him, and he was cleansed. (Mark 1:40-42) KJV

Never in scripture do I ever recall seeing where Jesus did not heal, teach, or raise the dead. He broke up every funeral he came in contact with. Compassion is a motivating force. It stirs in your very soul and begs to burst forth. It is a God given desire to empathize with those that are hurting. We are given a command and desire to share the gospel of Christ with others. It is an act of love and compassion for a Christian to do so. For we know that to be without Christ is spiritual leprosy. While we cannot heal this condition, we can point the way to the One that can. Jesus is still moved with compassion towards those in need.

Father, grant me the compassion for others as Jesus taught we should have for each other. May I be a blessing to someone you send me to today, and have the opportunity to share your truth and message of hope to someone in need. In the name of Jesus, Amen.


  1. A beaututiful prayer on a day like so many when compassion is needed. "Spiritual leprosy." What a great comment.


  2. Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to come by. Blessings to you as well.