Monday, April 27, 2009

A Divided House

I am currently in the process of looking for another church. Once in every great while, I sense a strong impression from the Lord that it is time to go somewhere else. It is hard for me, on an emotional level, to do this. Usually, I have made dear friends where I was at, and hate to leave. Not leaving would be going against what I believe is the will of God in my life. I consider my background unusual to say the least. I didn't have much time at church as a child, but I was taught a reverence for the Lord. I have never doubted His existence.  I never doubted His virgin birth, or His resurrection.  My dad was Southern Baptist, and my mother was from The Church of God of Cleveland, Tennessee. That explains why I didn't get to church very often. I would hear lots of arguing about different denominations and things that really did not pertain to salvation. As a matter of fact, the salvation message was the same.

For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.
(1 Corinthians 12:13) KJV

I was saved in an Independent Baptist church and was married in a Pentecostal Holiness church. I married a girl whose father was a Nazarene minister. My ministry with music began in a Wesleyan church. I have went on visitation with Southern Baptists. I have walked the Roman Road, and been Slain in the Spirit. While some see this as confusion, I see it as a blessing. I have been able to have friends from all areas of the Body of Christ. Sometimes the hand, sometimes the foot, sometimes the mouth. Well, you see what I am saying. This petty bickering denominations do back and forth is useless, and discouraged in the verse above. I refuse to take part in this bickering. I will not argue with other Christians on this! I will walk away first. There have been wonderful friends in all of these denominations that come to my mind. There are also those, in all of them, that are destructive to their own kind. Their own kind being other Christians. As long as a denomination doesn't change the way in which a person comes to Christ, which is my litmus test, they are my brothers and sisters. Do people that are not Christian notice these disagreements between God's Church? You better believe it! They not only notice, but avoid it like the plague! This can greatly reduce the impact we have for God. Let us this day, walk according to the Spirit of God. Let us walk in love for one another now the way we will have to be with one another in heaven. Surely, we can put our differences aside for the common goal of reaching those that need Christ.

Father, thank you for letting me tell of this. It is an important issue that faces our effectiveness as Christians. I thank you that I have experienced many of the differences of the Body of Christ. Do not let the differences,  which should make us stronger, make us weaker. I bless each and everyone that reads this Lord. May your love penetrate each and every heart and soul and fill them with your presence. I offer this praise and request before you in the name of Jesus, Amen.


  1. I can remember my father saying that he often wished for the churches to come together as one and for the strife to end. He was usually referring to the Catholics and Protestants (we're Catholic).

  2. Catholics and Protestants should be able to work together for the good of all. Your father sounds as if he was a wise man.

  3. I recently left a church and went back to my Catholic roots. I am comfortable there and like the solemn reverance as opposed to "fellowship" which sometimes leads to paths which do not honor God. We all need to find our spiritual comfort zone and keep our eyes on God rather than on man. Blessings to you, Khris. Just pray for discernment.

  4. Yes, it is important to worship where you are comfortable. I do love the fellowship as well as reverent worship. I only run into problems when my focus is not on God. If I keep it there, I know He will work all things out. Thank you for your comments and I hope you come back soon.

  5. Good luck to you on your journey. The Lord called me to change churches last year. For many years I felt like I wasn't able to grow spiritually except by reading his word. Now I am learning a great deal and I am grateful that the Lord led me to a new place to seek him. I know that new friendships in the new place will develop over time. They will for you to. Be patient. Wait on the Lord. and be blessed.

  6. Thank you so much for your comment. His word is a wonderful place to grow. A church that is committed to preaching and teaching His word is a very blessed thing indeed. I am trusting in Him to lead, as he has faithfully done before. I am happy that you are in a place that you can be happy in the Lord. Have a wonderful day.